Around Quiberon

Quiberon, Belle Ile en Mer, Houat, Hoedic, Golfe du Morbihan...
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Belle Île en Mer

15 km from Quiberon, a pearl of the ocean awaits you. Belle Île in Sea "the well named", will appear to you over the miles traveled, like a schistous plateau before you deliver all its interior charms.
The diversity of its landscapes, steep cliffs covered with moors and heath, turquoise water creeks, meadows, woods, valleys, villages and sandy beaches, offer you a real palette of colors and different lights at every moment. The citadel Vauban, the port of Sauzon, the Pointe des Poulains, the church of Locmaria...
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A point of departure towards the islands of Houat, Hoëdic and Belle-Isle or the Gulf of Morbihan, Quiberon was centuries coveted by its privileged location. Today, sailors, sportsmen, walkers and curists take full advantage of their activities.
With a recognized micro-climate, the purity of its air and the quality of its waters have attracted the creation of a thalassotherapy center of world-wide reputation.
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The Côte Sauvage

The Côte Sauvage, facing west, extends 8 kms from Château Turpault to Pointe du Percho. Owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral, the Côte Sauvage is constantly harassed by the sea and the winds. Even in calm weather, the waves smash noisily on the steep cliffs, causing spurts of foam. Erosion has shaped countless creeks, reefs, caves and arches that are unveiled only at low tide.
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