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These services are provided by personnel outside the hotel.
Please make an appointment in advance at reception
Payment will only be made by check or cash at the end of the treatment directly at the reception.

This service will be unavailable from 1st to 6 november 2021 included.

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Beauty care

Face, feet and body

Massages and Yoga

Body and mind care


Well-being beautician, state graduate

Aroma Gmn
Dive into the heart of nature with this treatment based on essential oils, vegetable oils and organic distillates.
Your skin regains all its freshness. A pleasant moment of relaxation!
Guérande mn
Essentially based on organic product.
A mineral treatment, composed of algae and marine plants to purify and revitalize skin cells.
Get away from it all with the scent of black soap and Argan, ideal for relaxing and purifying the skin.
Choice of Balinese, Indian Ayurvedic or Californian massage. Inspired by traditional methods, let yourself be lulled by a slow or sometimes sustained rhythm of light touching, kneading or pressure.
Body scrubmn
This exfoliation based on Guérande salt with organic orange blossom and an oily complex leaves your skin extremely soft and fragrant.
Slimming treatmentmn
Following the exfoliation, you will be wrapped in a heating blanket and then receive a firming massage. Sensation of freshness and lightness guaranteed.
Relaxation of the footmn
Balneotherapy, scrub, mask. Ideal for relaxing and cooling off.
Cranial modelingmn
Modeling, rocking and pressure maneuvers help you release tension. A moment of relaxation and letting go.
Japanese foot massagemn
Inspired by the Sokushindo "spirit of the foot", this method combines modeling maneuvers, mobilizations and work on the reflex zones of the foot. Relieving tension and relieving the legs.


Yoga teacher, life coach, Graduate and certified in India

Modelage personnalisé75mn76€
The principle of energy care consists in restoring the balance, the flow and the quality of the vital energy of the person being treated, always taking into account their specific needs.
The treatment is carried out dressed, without oil.
Tibetain massage back and legs35mn45€
Originating from the Tibetan nomadic era, this treatment combines draining and energizing benefits while gently maintaining your energy.
Ayurvedic body treatment 75mn76€
Traditional Indian modeling. This enveloping treatment that is both relaxing and energizing, stimulates the metabolism, promotes the elimination of toxins and reduces any pain by stimulating the meridians (energy circuits).
Indian head massage35mn45€
Promotes sleep and blood circulation, reduces migraines and provides relief.
Indian foot massage35mn45€
Practiced with a small bowl, this treatment brings relaxation, promotes blood circulation, sleep and mobility.
Modeling Pregnant Woman45mn60€
A relaxing treatment while respecting the stages of pregnancy.
Neuromuscular care bowen method1h60 €
Gentle method, attentive and respectful of physiology, alternating light movements and pause time, a very powerful approach to regulating the autonomic nervous system with great efficiency for postural normalization. Very good results on nervous and emotional balance, relief of muscle, tendon and joint pain.
The 5 Tibetans1h72 €
5 postures taught thousands of years ago by the Tibetan people, a daily routine known as the secret of health, longevity and eternal youth. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with these postures in order to integrate them into your daily life.
Yoga- daily routine1h76 €
Discover some good gestures and postures for a serene daily life
* 3 days cure: 215 €

Your body is precious, take care

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