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The seasonal menu

Developed over the seasons, our menu offers fresh products from the sea and the region.

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Pan-fried mushrooms, calf egg and lard cream15.00€
Homemade smoked salmon, lemon pearl and seaweed salad15,00€
Duck foie gras and dried fruits chutney16,00€
Pan-fried gambas with Espelette pepper and melon brunoise with basil18,00€
Tataki of red tuna, vegetables19,00€
Croquettes of shrimp, green salad and tartar sauce15,00€


Seared fillet of sea bass with asparagus and shellfish sauce21,00€
Grilled sacllop, spelt risotto and lemon butter21,00€
Sole meunière (400/600g) garnish of the moment32,00€
Lobster, lemon butter and toppingfrom 10,00€ for 100g
Bluefin Tuna Bagel (mozzarella, tomato, soy germ, BBQ sauce) and potato18,00€


Duck breast, puree with carrot and cumin, foie gras sauce19,00€
Grilled prime rib steak, green pepper sauce (for 2 pers), topping14,00
Meat burger (tomatoes, pickles, salad, red onions, cheddar, ketchup sauce)
and potatoes
Hunch of tender veal with girolles and tagliatelle21,00€
Meat breed
Vegetables and starchy plate14,00€

Dessert menu

a choice9,00 €
Prepared by the minute
The choice of your dessert is made to order
Thank you for your understanding
Apple pancake with caramel ice cream
Rhubarb raspberry soup, hazelnut sacristan and bulgarian yogurt ice cream
Ice cream and fruit sorbets
Pavlova mango lemon
Tiramisu strawberry speculos
Roasted pineapple with honey, coconut ice cream and rice with milk
Cheese platter

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